Add Flowering Herbs To Your Garden For Color

Herbs are an important addition to the fruits and vegetables that we grow in our gardens. However, they do not have to be just plain old green plants. Most flowering herbs can more than hold their own when put up against any flower garden.

They have beautiful foliage and bright blooms. The herbs give you a double bonus by not only looking beautiful, but also being practical as well because they can be used for your crafts or cooking needs.

Having a border made of flowering herbs is a great compromise for those that have limited space because the plants serve double duty as a perennial border as well as an herb garden. There are many easy to plant beautiful herbs that you can use for foliage and flowers. Most of them bloom with colors ranging from silver, pink, lavender, and bronze, as well as white and yellow.

One of the first perennial herbs that you can use is anise hyssop. This perennial will grow bushy clumps, having stems that branch upright and are topped with lavender blue flowers. These flowers will bloom somewhere between mid to late summer.

The flowers are very attractive to beneficial insects and pollinating bees, which in turn will benefit your entire garden. Both the flowers and leaves of this plant are very fragrant when they are dried or fresh and are great to use for a potpourri mix.

Bee balm is another great flowering herb. This usually blooms in the summer with red flowers; however, some may also come with purple, pink, or white blooms. This herb will also spread on its own.

A delicate looking but very sturdy and easy to grow plant is fever-few. This herb will bloom from early in the summer to early fall. The flowers are white pedaled with yellow centers and look like mini daisies. These plants will grow up to 2 feet tall.

The very distinctive fragrance and look of lavender is also a great addition to your garden. The tall spikes of purple blue flowers sitting on very slender stalks over narrow leaves that have a silvery color give lavender a distinctive look.

It will bloom around midsummer and makes a great border. The only consideration for lavender is to be sure it has very good drainage.

Meadowsweet is a great perennial herb that blooms with white clusters of flowers during mid to late summer. Dark green large leaves will grow in clumps and spread by creeping. You will need to divide these plants around every 2 to 3 years to help control their spreading.

The purple coneflower otherwise known as Echinacea will produce sturdy stems in clumps that are topped with large daisy like rosy pink flowers that contain raised centers that are brown and orange in color.

Using flowering herbs in your garden as a border, or just in general, can make a great addition to the look of your garden as well as providing great herbs for your cooking and craft needs.

By- Jonathan Leger.

Published by- Kamal Aziguen.

What You Must Learn Before Starting a Home Business

Many people want to have a home business, but that is because they mostly believe myths about what it is like. A lot of people want to stay in their pajamas and watch television all day while they are working, without anyone to tell them what to do. If only that is what it was really like! It can be a challenge to run your own home business, and you have to know what you’re getting into before you decide whether you really want to do that. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are thinking about a home business.

First, you have to realize that you will have to pay self-employment tax. That may sound fine to you, but you need to realize that you have to remind yourself to pay the taxes you owe every quarter. If you fail to do that, you will end up being penalized during tax time. That is why it is best that you get an accountant.

You must also know that it is hard to keep your personal and professional lives separate, but that you must do it if you have your own home business. You need to make sure that you have a separate space for your work and your home. If you have children, that can be a challenge, but even if you only have the corner of the kitchen that may work.

You need to be aware that everyone may not support what you are doing. In fact, they may openly mock you or question your judgment. You will hear that you should get a Real Job, and your family and friends may want you to run all their errands “since you’re home all day”. You have to find a way to handle these people and these requests. The best solution is of course to ignore them, but that is not always possible. Make sure that you do your best to not give them more attention than they deserve.

You need to know that if you start a home business, most of the work you’ll do is marketing. Marketing is the name of the home business game. You can offer the best products or services, but if no one knows you or what you do, you won’t have customers and your business will fail.

A lot of people resist marketing efforts, feeling that they are sleazy or somehow undesirable. However, it doesn’t have to be the case. As long as you use your own judgment and your own set of ethics, you will be fine.

You need to make time to relax. A lot of home business owners who are just starting out have a problem with working too much. Then, they get burnt out, and they are unable to keep the momentum going. Instead, make yourself take a day or two off. You will find that your mind is more focused when you return.

After reading everything above it shouldn’t be hard to see what you can do to get your own home business up and running. It’s not going to be the easiest thing in the world, but it is very possible and a lot of people are doing so right now.

By- kamal Aziguen.

When Buying A Home, What Should You Consider?

With the constant fluctuation of the housing market, buying a home can be one of the scariest experiences of your life.  However, owning a home also has many benefits.  When maintained, homes appreciate in value, thus making them a secure investment.  You also have nearly complete freedom to customize your home just how you want it.  You don’t have to worry about your neighbors upstairs stomping around at 2 in the morning.  And it gives you a place to watch your family grow.

Still it is important to know what you’re getting yourself into.  Let’s take a look a few things to think about when shopping for real estate.

First and most important of all is to determine your budget and needs.  Don’t feel compelled to have to buy an eight bedroom, 6 bath mansions on an acre of land with a pool and 4 car garages if you can only afford a 2 bed, 1 bath townhouse.  Be realistic, if you just have a family of 3, you don’t need an overly large house.  This will keep you from getting into financial trouble early on.

Once you have an idea of what you want, it’s usually a good idea to go through a Realtor, as they can make the rest of the process much easier.  They can keep you up to date on all of the government incentives being offered, and help get you the best deal.  Make sure you research the Realtor you use as well.  Some agents are simply out to sell you a house as quick as possible, without even taking into consideration your wants and needs.

Even once you have a Realtor; it usually doesn’t hurt if you continue browsing property on your own.  You may just find something they missed.

Now we move on to the actual shopping.  If you have a good Realtor, they’ll make sure you see the house before making any decisions.  This is always a good idea, as home listings aren’t always honest.  When they say ‘fixer-upper,’ sometimes they mean it could use a fresh coat of paint, sometimes they mean the roof is caving in.

Don’t let that discourage you from buying something that needs a little work done. Though, you can do the work yourself.  Most of the time, you’ll be able to get it cheaper than a comparable house in better condition.  Plus with a little TLC, you’ll have the option of selling it for more than you paid, should you desire to move.

A note when buying foreclosed homes:  make sure you go through the proper channels such as a bank or an accredited lending agency.  Unfortunately, many have taken advantage of first-time buyers, and sold them a house that they never owned in the first place.

Once you’ve taken all these things into consideration, you’re ready to buy.  Make sure you have all your paperwork lined up and keep your credit in good shape if you need a loan.  Good luck and happy hunting!

By- Johnathan Leger.

Edited by-kamal Aziguen.

What is Spam?

Every sports man/woman, regardless of how good he/she may be at their sport, they can’t score points or win games if they are suspended from the game or limited to the penalty box.

The same for an Internet Marketer, you need to know how to stay out of the penalty box while discovering the strings of Internet Income. You can get into big problems by using “Spam.” You can also be blocked or banned from different sites for posting spammy comments. You can get into trouble with the search engines by trying to game your way into the ranking position with cheap stuff. There are many ways you can sabotage your marketing campaigns if you can not use common sense and track the Basic Rules to avoid these errors.

What is Spam?

There are several definitions of Spam, many different jurisdictions have divergent regulations referring to the many possible ways to inflict undesirable electronic communication on others. Before we thought of Spam as main purpose is E-mail. As the Internet has developed many new ways to communicate, so have the spam rules evolved to cover many new circumstances. In terms of E-mail, the common sense explanation is that Spam occurs when someone receives annoying E-mails that they did not asked, from people or organizations that they don’t know, trying to sell them stuff that they do not need or want. Extending this idea to social media, blogs, and almost any other opportunity one has to type content view by the public, you can think of Spam as something which is designed to sell something or promote something that is a distraction for the desired conversational subject.

Present day, experience has demonstrated that there are many ways to Spam, you can Spam not only by sending unsolicited commercial E-mail but by posting unwanted comments on blogs or social media postings or by sending unsolicited text messages, also you can Spam in forums or even while by providing product reviews on sites such as Amazon, etc….

The Aftermath of Spam?

Spam can have negative Aftermath to varying degrees, short of being banned from a particular site altogether, spammy comments may cause particular individuals to stop following you or block you from commenting.

For example, let say a connection on a social media site like Facebook, makes a post welcoming themselves for having survived their first race, several friends like the post and comment with their congratulations and encouragement, but, let’s say, you comment that it would be even simpler to survive the next run if they bought some running shoes that you have to sell via an affiliate arrangement.

Your comment is inappropriate because it is a distraction to the intended subject of the conversation. While you will not likely be banned from Facebook for having made this comment, the poster and some of the others viewing this post and its comments may decide to hide you, or even to block you, because they do not want to see these types of comments. These are people that might be, when the situation was more appropriate, wishing to learn about the running shoes you had to offer.

But now that opportunity will never happen, you have disabled your marketing efforts by posting a spammy comment. It might take a few of these type of comments before someone actually hided you or blocked you, but even one such comment can be too many. Why risk it?

Right now, let’s look at several examples. Imagine that a friend of yours on Facebook posted that they tried to run their first race, but had to leave early because their shoes were killing their feet, here, the desired subject of the conversation is different, after expressing the suitable condolences for the failed attempt and supplying encouragement to try again, discussing shoes naturally follows, for this post, it would be appropriate to suggest the running shoes you have to offer. And no one will likely hide you, or block you because of your comment here. It’s all common sense.

The Aftermath Of Spam can extend much further than lose the attention of a few people on a particular social media site, however. You can be blocked from the whole ISP ” Internet Service provider ” .

You can be included on spam lists preventing your E-mail from getting through most E-mail servers, and thereby making your Email unusable for any purpose. Some jurisdictions have financial penalties and even criminal convictions for violating the laws interdict spam. It can be a serious problem beyond the negative effect it has on your marketing efforts.

By- kamal Aziguen.

Affiliate Marketing Assets


One of the biggest mistakes committed by the affiliate marketers when they first set up fails to acknowledge that they are actually starting a business.

Therefore, if you want to succeed, you should have the right frame of mind and handle your business as a result, do not do this is as one of the quickest roads to failure.

If you look from a different point of view that you establish a marketing company and your websites and affiliate links are your strengths that you can build up to be enough big as you want, you are limited only by your time and your imagination.


There are some actions you can take that makes you stand out from the crowd and prevent the patch of being newbie or unprofessional.

Domain and Websites  


For many reasons it’s important to obtain your own domain and website. The first is that you have total control on what you choose to promote, and what kind of ads and banners you want to set on your site. You can create a professional setting page catchy or ask someone to do it for you if it’s beyond the scope of your capacities.

Second, you are able of having your own customized e-mail and you seem much more professional when you have your own domain name, rather than having free accommodation unnamed decent improved or a keyword.

An added benefit is that your website and domain skills are assets that can be sold on track if you want and if you have come up with properly.

 building email List 


Knowing that you need to get traffic to your website click on your banners and ads to make money, zero clicks means zero sales. But to get traffic may be hard work. In the same when you get visitors to your site, you usually get a single shot nailing their business.

What you should do is to build a list of customers so that you can obtain returning visitors. You can do this by creating a registration web-form on your website for your newsletter or offer a free downloadable gift or service in exchange for your guests signing up to your list.

Once you have a list that you can send to your customers your Special Offers On is an ongoing basis. Do not simply contact your list when you sell something, try to share information or helpful tips, try to build the confidence that your customers will appreciate what you are offering them, and they’ll buy when you have a promotion.

Getting Traffic

wa traffic

The cornerstone of affiliate marketing is the traffic, but everyone can not get on the first page of Google so where else will you getting traffic? Unless you plan to pay for it and that may be very expensive.

Some methods you can explore are: post in forums, writing articles,   comments or guest posting on blogs, offline advertising and classified ads.

You do not have to do all at the same time starting with one, control it and then switch to another. It is important to test your findings checking to see what the most efficient methods are and continue to do so.

Having a business of affiliate marketing is all about duplication of systems that work, so be sure to develop a system first, then wash and repeat what works for you.

If you have any questions or you need any help, just leave  a comment.

By- Kamal Aziguen.

Home Based Business For Moms



Are you a mother who stays at home who is planning to start a home business? We always enjoy having a way to provide income even if we have to stay at home with the children. However, it can be difficult to determine what to do when you want to work from home.

Below are some ideas to consider.



There are probably some skills you are really good at what someone else needs help. You can sell this capacity while working as a freelancer in the field. There are online sites that allow you to connect with applicants to transcription, web design, or any other job that you can provide. You can advertise either locally or put up flyers at a nearby college.

Virtual assistant


There are always some entrepreneurs seeking someone to do home office work for them at home. You can offer your services as a virtual…

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Seven Simple Physical Activities That You Can Do at Work


If you are missing the time it takes to get a system of regular fitness due to work, children, or life generally, these seven simple tips and physical activities, you can do at work, are easy and quick. You can always have an effective workout without a need for a gym.

  • Rather than using an office chair, you better sit on a large workout ball. strchball2The required balance for taking a seat on the ball acts as a great core stabilizer. You will be toning and strengthening your abdominal muscles without even becoming conscious you’re doing it. It takes very little or no concentration, which can release your brain power for your work.


  • Resistance bands are perfect for your strengthen arms and legs. You can connect the bands to the legs of your chair or desk and do arm or leg practice session during the time you’re sitting at your…

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Dancing Is Amazing For Fitness and Fun

When it comes to having a great time, stay fit and pitting brain chemicals that bring about joy, there are very few activities that can compete with the dance. In addition to keeping your bones, muscles and adjustment of the cardiovascular system and strong, dance also keeps your brain sharp. It turns out that not remembering dance steps and sequences is a great way to increase the production of new brain cells and fight memory loss as you age. Read on to learn more about how you can benefit dance.

No matter what kind of dance you choose, you can count on burn about 300 calories per hour. Of course, the more fit you become dance, muscle mass you will build. This adds up to a more efficient metabolism and even the ability to burn calories. In addition to improving your muscle tone and metabolism, dance also allows a more graceful and supple and improves your posture. This can help you prevent falls as you age, and if you fall, your bones will be stronger through dance.

Dancing is a great way to build your confidence and social skills and stay socially active. Of course, you can dance alone, but most of the time you’ll be making friends and having fun. It is a natural way to fight against stress and relieve the tensions of everyday life.

Many people are afraid of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes as they age; however, if you take the dance, you will greatly reduce your chances of developing diabetes, heart disease and many other diseases associated with aging.

Of course, there is always a good idea to consult your doctor before starting a new form of exercise; however, no matter what shape you are in, it is a type of dance that is just perfect for you. Start with slow dance or even chair dancing wheel. As you get stronger, you can take more complex forms of dance. Just do simple dance moves with more vigor will increase your fitness challenge and improve your fitness level.

There are many places where you can go to enjoy the dance. You can take classes at your junior college center for local elderly or in a church or temple. Health clubs, dance studios and leisure centers are also good options for classes in everything from square dancing to dance online belly dance to salsa. No matter what kind of dance you prefer, you can surely find an opportunity that suits you.

If you are nervous about dancing in public, you can start with videos at home on your own. Look online or simply rent or purchase DVDs dance / exercise or even cheap video tape you can pick up at garage sales and thrift stores. Of course, you can always check the library of dance videos that you can borrow. Enjoying dance videos at home with a friend as a safe and fun way to start dancing for fitness.

By- Johnathan Leger.

Affiliate Making Money

Are you one of the millions of people who would like to be free and telling your boss to pick up his job and push it? You have recently became unemployed may be, or perhaps you simply want having more time at home to be close to your family. For all kinds of reasons increasingly people are looking to start businesses where they may work from home.   Numerous home based businesses require an initial investment; you may be in a circumstance which makes it impossible. Is there something that you can do to make money without a large investment?


Numerous companies are now realizing that they have to pay to get visitors to their websites, the cheapest way for them to do so is paying commissions as a commodity is sold. When you, as an affiliate, sending visitors to the company website, and the visitor complete a purchase, the company pays you a commission. It does not cost a penny and there are literally thousands of companies that offer affiliate programs you can register for free. These businesses gives you a special links with their sites and the links are encoded in them your information, when someone buys something while using your link, they will pay a direct commission.

Let’s say, for example, that you become an affiliate of TripleClicks. TripleClicks provides you with links to their products, you write an article on the latest new Widget, then you describe the widget, highlight its good features and maybe even a weakness, the article is fair and informative. By the end you tell your readers that they can see the actual Widget and you supply your special TripleClicks link.
When the readers click on the link, they are taken to the right page TripleClicks. When they purchase the Widget, you get a commission.

It’s really as simple as that!

Of course, there are lots of tips to learn if you want to have success in affiliate marketing. Above all, the more articles you write and submit, the most successful you will become.

Working from home is an aim for many people. There is a way to work from home without making a big investment of money.

Affiliate Marketing.

Are you willing to give a try?

If you have any questions or you need any help, just leave your comment please!

By- kamal Aziguen.

Affiliate marketing: Three Reasons to Use to Get Started Your Business Online


If you want to build a long term business and then product marketing is the itinerary you want to get. Affiliate marketing is the best resource to start.


Getting to test out what works:

In spite of what unnumbered emails and sales letters like to request, there is a specific learning curve when it comes to Internet marketing. Success in your business depends on how fast you get more that curve, and whether or not your business survives the humps start. Odds are that you have a business project in the long term in mind, something that you would like to spend each day making. Do you truly want to risk the sustainability, and fun, this idea, trying hopelessly making it work?


Of course not! Affiliate marketing enables you to learn tricks of the trade with other products and audiences, while protecting your great idea.


Find out where passion and Profit Responds:

The entire world has something they love. You may not realize it; but the things you like, no matter what they are, can be transformed into a usable business. You just have to be able to find on the market inside your passion and identify what items on the market is ready to buy currently online. This is another “testing” aspect which makes affiliate marketing an excellent starting point for many traders. On your own, you must consistently develop new products to be tested, never knowing if your investment is profitable.


Through affiliation with other product developers, you run the risk that comes with the development of your own products. You can understand what areas on your niche worth monetizing, and when you understand what works, you can develop your own solution and making it big.


Diversity is the first key to building your business:

About 70% of new businesses fail to survive the first three years after the establishment. This statistic is harder to track online; although the number is expected to be even higher. There is a low barrier to entrance when it comes to online business, and those who do not possess plan or strong education faded quickly. How do you prevent that spell? The answer is two fold. First, you will need diversifying your company much as possible. By having businesses in many niches, you protect yourself in case of an idea without a scenic item on a niche or drying suddenly. To do all these work if you need a good education. You do not know what you do not know, and you need someone who has already successfully to show you tricks of the trade when it is about Affiliate Marketing.


Fortunately, there are effective teachers over there. You only need to know where to look for.

By- kamal Aziguen.

Fitness Tricks for Everyday

Too many people have given into laziness and unhealthy eating habits coupled with complete and utter lack of exercise these days. Obesity is a terrible plague upon humanity, and it is showing up more and more in our children as time goes on. But there is always hope!

Moving a lot sounds simple, and it really is.  Simply getting up off your couch and moving around your home can help stimulate your body and burn calories.  It doesn’t even have to be that you go run around the block ten times.  Walking up and down the stairs a few times, or cleaning some of your house, are all very basic ways to get moving more in your daily routine.

If you have a desk job at work, stand up and walk around your desk every half an hour.  Consider standing instead of sitting anytime your job allows, such as reading through files while standing up and moving around.  The less you sit the better your body will fare in the long run.

Just because fitness and exercise sound like terrible working words designed to suck out your soul and burn calories through pain, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.  Take your wife for some salsa or ballroom dancing lessons, which will not only help both of you feel better and get into shape, but will help keep your marriage in top shape as well.  Combine your favorite music with cleaning the house so you can move around and dance off those pounds in your everyday routine. So, keep it fun!!

By setting up a treadmill or exercise bike in front of your TV, you can workout while watching your favorite shows or movies.  After enough days of doing this, you won’t even notice that you are working out while watching television. It will simply become habit.

This is perhaps the most important tip of all.  Motivation is a big part of any fitness routine, since it is so easy to stop exercising mere days into your new routine.  Do so, by rewarding yourself for keeping up with the goals you’ve set.  If you manage to stay moving on your treadmill while watching your television shows for a solid week, reward yourself by going out with your family for a healthy dinner or a movie. Stay motivated!!. Another way to stay motivated is to work out with someone else.  By working out together, you can help keep it fun through conversation or competition.

Above all, understand that a healthy fitness routine is very important to a healthy life.  Don’t become an overweight couch potato with no motivation to do anything about it.  Workout today!

By- Kamal Aziguen.

Mistakes To Avoid When Working From Home

Working from home is a dream for many people. Women especially, dream to be able to make a living from the comfort of their home, while taking care of the kids and of household chores. While this is absolutely possible and many persons are successfully doing it, you need to be aware of potential dangers that may keep you away from success.

Losing one’s focus is one of these dangers. What your home is your office, it’s very easy to get distracted from your work by those dishes that need washing or by those kids who need pampering. You need to make a clear separation between the two facets and stick to your business tasks until you get them done before moving into domestic issues. A clear work schedule would probably help, so try to make one and follow it closely.

When you work from home, the fridge is probably in your sight most part of the day. Do not take snacks every 30 minutes or so, no matter how tempting this may be. It’s so easy to put on a lot of extra weight when you don’t realize how much you are actually eating. Have your meals at the same time each day and don’t munch on any snacks while you are at your computer. Work should be work, meals should be meals. Keep the two separate, if you want to work from home and still fit inside your clothes.

Running a home-based business may lead to a lack of exercise. When you need to commute to a job every day, you do things you don’t even notice: you walk, you climb stairs, or you may even run sometimes, if you’re late. When your office is two steps away from your bedroom, you eliminate all that exercise. If you don’t replace it with some other form of exercise, you’ll soon be out of shape. It’s very important to stay fit, so stop every two hours and do some sort of effort. Yoga is excellent for home workers, because it doesn’t require a lot of space and a lot of time. You can choose a few poses that work best for you and practice them in chunks of 15-20 minutes, several times a day.


Perhaps the biggest danger of working from home is mixing work and leisure time in such a way that you end up with the sensation that you worked straight for 15 hours every day, when in fact you only worked less than half that time. It’s best if you can put a time limit where you stop office tasks and call it a day. Otherwise, you may start neglecting your spouse, your family duties and your friends. You’ll feel tired, because your body will believe you worked late, when actually you played 100 computer games in-between those office tasks you achieved.

If you don’t lose yourself to procrastination, you’ll be much happier than a 9 to 5 worker. It’s entirely up to you.

By- Kamal Aziguen.

One Theme, Three Ways: Customizing Twenty Fifteen

The Blog

Our default theme this year, Twenty Fifteen, draws visitors’ eyes to what matters most — the text and images you publish on your site. Crisp typography, generous spacing, streamlined navigation: Twenty Fifteen shows that less can indeed be more (and that it can look great on any device).

Keeping things simple and streamlined doesn’t mean you can’t make a theme your own, of course. From free custom color schemes (pictured in the gallery above) to a vertical header area with ample space to channel your (and your site’s) personality, Twenty Fifteen is a theme that invites you to express your creativity. Here are three sites that are doing a superb job using the theme as the canvas for their vision.


Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.56.06 AM
Desertification is a blog on environmental change, sustainable gardening, and other topics relevant to drylands everywhere. The Belgium-based blogger behind it, Dr. Willem Van Cotthem, crafted a design that matches the topic perfectly: the custom…

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9 Great Foods to Help You Lose Weight:


Eat some foods can actually help you to lose weight. Eating more and losing weight has got to be a great choice for anyone who is trying to lose some pounds, so here are some of the super foods which can actually help with your weight loss goals.

Eggs: And I mean all of the eggs, the yolk and the white, just leave the shell. Poached, boiled, omelets and scrambled eggs all make the perfect way to start the day but if you don’t have the time to cook in the mornings make a tortilla or frittata on the weekends and eat the slices throughout the week.

Apples: The perfect snack on the go. Apples are seriously good for you and can help with weight loss problems. They are also packed with antioxidants which can help to combat the “apple shape” or an excess of belly fat. If you want to lose weight you can start by munching an apple every day.


Is another super food which can help you achieve your weight loss goals. There are only 34 calories in a cup of raw, chopped kale but plenty of calcium, iron and fiber.

Oats: Is another super food which can help you to lose weight and make the perfect breakfast.

All types of oats are healthy but steel-cut and rolled varieties are the best of the best.  They make a great alternative to breadcrumbs when you’re making meatballs.

Steak: Just so long as it’s lean this can also help you to lose weight. Organic beef is the healthiest variety of them all. Steak should be grilled or broiled and served with plenty of crisp salad or veggies.

Lentils: Help to flatten the belly, and that’s a fact. There are loads of different types of lentils but the yellow and red ones are the quickest to cook. They blend in with lots of different dishes thanks to their mild flavor yet can add plenty of texture and substance to lots of different meals.


Is great for your heart and great for your waistline. They are a brilliant source of Omega 3 which, among other things, helps to build muscle and the more muscle your body has the more calories it naturally burns. Wild salmon is the best choice if it’s available with fewer pollutants.

Blueberries: All berries  are good for you and blue food is good for you so blueberries are double good for you when you are trying to lose weight. Why not think a little differently at breakfast time and instead of sprinkling a few blueberries onto your cereal simply sprinkle a little cereal onto a bowl of blueberries before adding the low fat yogurt or milk.


Some people worry about eating avocado when they are trying to lose weight because of the fat content but they really shouldn’t, avocado really is a fantastic food for weight loss.

Actually There are other foods which are also great for anyone who wants to lose weight and this is just a small sample of foods which you can eat more of and still lose weight, fantastic!!

By- Kamal Aziguen.

4 Great Ideas for Social Media Marketing


Whether your business is to market a service or to promote a product, social media is a great idea to help reach a worldwide audience of individuals all at the same time. For a lot of businesses, using social media is vital. It allows a platform to keep communication with customers and clients.

As companies start to develop effective social media marketing strategies, they understand how it can be used efficiently to improve service and add to the company brand.

Add Significant Value:


Instead of taking the approach to just promoting the business by using social media to connect with followers and friends, it is important to offer them valuable content that is meaningful to their objectives. This is done by updated post on a daily or weekly basis. Anytime you or your company finds an interesting article or content from other sites that might be significant to your loyal customer base, it is imperative to post a connected link on the site.

Part of the social media network is about engaging with customers by offering tips and encouraging discussion. If the company has a blog, it is important to update it with posts that are designed to assist the customer base. This can be affected tips on how to get the most out of the company services or products. By offering the customer base smart, valuable content, you will have the ability to position the company as an online expert. Over time this will create a substantial following.atrctvisitors0

Customer Only Discounts:

By rewarding followers and friends specifically with “customer only discounts” you can use social media marketing to entice more individuals to sign up or subscribe to the company social media site. This can be a percentage off of an initial purchase when they become a “friend”, or by simply send out an invitation to every follower that directs them to a special sale.

It is important to advertise company promotions on the site using social media marketing. This will help pass the word concerning the company promotions all across the blogosphere. This effective tactic will add value to existing friends. It will also generate and provide new followers for the company.

Increasing the Company Reach:

There’s incredible power in using effective social media marketing tools that lie far beyond the reach of traditional promotions and advertising. Social media marketing can quickly gain a wide audience in an informal setting. An effective tool in social media marketing is to start a campaign designed specifically to gain more followers.

This great tool can help increase the contact list. It can be achieved by using multiple social media networks across a variety of platforms.maillistmrktng

The Social in Social Media:

The social component of social media is that it works such as an effective two-way street. It allows the company to disperse positive messages, while allowing the customer base to freely leave comments and feedback about the products and services the company provides. It is how the company responds to the public and their feedback and comments that will quickly create the ideal reputation as being helpful, responsive and quick.

By- Kamal Aziguen.